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The Romance of Chocolate

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Send A Box Of Gourmet Chocolates, Exquisite Gourmet Chocolate Gifts!

The Romantic Synergy of Chocolates with Coffee

Gourmet Chocolate Gifts Delivered

Ever wondered why we finish off a special meal with Coffee and Chocolates?

The synergy of coffee and chocolates at social gatherings is more complex than than you may imagine. The flavor and aroma of a delicious cup of coffee and delightful chocolates obviously play a part but it goes much deeper than that.

zChocolat French Gourmet Chocolate Gifts

Obviously it is the chocolates. Gourmet Chocolate is a very complex food which, besides a miniscule amount of caffeine, contains mood changing substances called phenylethylamine and seratonin, both are natural substances also found in your brain.

Phenylethylamine and seratonin are released by your brain along with feelings of physical attraction, love, lust or passion. The rise in blood pressure and increased heart rate, induces that feeling of euphoria and well being familiar to lovers.

Eating chocolates has the same effect because it also releases phenylethylamine and seratonin into the system.   So, gourmet chocolates actually induce those same 'lovers' feelings of well being, euphoria and of passion or being in love!

Gourmet Chocolates and coffee have a complimentary effect on you.  Caffeine in the coffee livens you up making you more alert and attentive while chocolate mellows the coffee with feelings of well being and euphoria, actually mimicking the experience of physical attraction and love.  Chocolates give you that 'bubble gum' feeling of new love!


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Gourmet Chocolates for Valentines Day is a longstanding tradition related to the reported aphrodisiac effects of the sweet.  Recent research indicates that women are more susceptible to the effects of chocolates than men.  Wonder if that is why men love to give women gourmet chocolates for Valentines Day? 

In fact, smart men send chocolates for birthdays, anniversaries, Moms' Day... any occasion, just to make a woman happy!

The natural chemical reaction of chocolate probably explains the flirting that goes on over the gourmet coffee and chocolates.  

Not to mention we think gourmet chocolates are simply orgasmic!

So, make someone happy today. Send a box of gourmet chocolates from one of our recommended chocolatiers now.

So if you want to send a gift box of chocolates to go along with our fabulous coffee, we recommend these  exquisite gourmet chocolates and gourmet chocolate gifts delivered.

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