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Protect The Rainforests! Learn How Coffee Threatens The Rain Forests And Why You Should Buy Shade Grown Coffee, Organic Coffee, Sustainable Coffee, Bird Friendly Coffee, Fair Trade Coffee, And Teas.
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Fair Trade, Organic Coffee

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Shade Grown Organic Coffee

Green Mountain Organic
Mexican Select

Mexico is one of the larger coffee producing countries in the world, which means that there is a great variety to the beans cultivated in Mexico.

One of the coffees used in this blend comes from Southeastern Mexico, along the Sierra Mountains. Coffee farmers process their beans using their own local wet mills. This process results in a balanced acidity in the coffee, for the process of fermentation and drying are quite immediate to each other. [Picking coffee cherries at La Trinidad.] While this organically grown coffee is cultivated in an environmentally friendly manner, its flavor is improved as well.
Shade Grown coffee plants mature slowly, creating sweeter coffee beans.

This particular coffee comes in part from La Trinidad cooperative located in the Mountains of Oaxaca. Growing organic, fair trade coffee has brought many advantages to the members of this cooperative, their families, and the land this coffee is grown on.

For example, The cooperative recently opened two Community Stores to provide low-cost goods to very remote coffee growing communities. The cooperative also gives farmers 10-20 trees annually to plant among their coffee bushes. These trees shade farmers’ crops, and provide habitat to birds and other wildlife.
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Brazil Rainforest - Atlantic Forest of Brazil - Help Save the Rainforest

No rainforests are cut down for shade grown coffee farming!


Rain Forest Rescue... Buy Shade Grown Coffee


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11 June 2004
     Jumpstart Ford Motor Company, America's Biggest Gas Guzzler

Listen To Your Mother... Conserve Your Gas! From The Rain Forest Action Network
A Mother’s Plea for the Planet from Jodie Evans

To America's mothers and grandmothers:

As a Board member of Rainforest Action Network, co-founder of CODEPINK, and most importantly, as the mother of three beautiful children, I am writing to ask you to join me in an effort to reduce our country's oil dependence. If you're like me, you're concerned about how America's dangerous addiction to oil is threatening our national security, producing smog that harms our children's health, destabilizing our climate, and forcing us to pay ever-increasing gas prices. If we don't solve this problem now, then what kind of future are we leaving for our kids?

I am writing to ask you to join me in helping to jumpstart Ford Motor Company, America's biggest gas guzzler. Beginning this Mother's Day and continuing until Mother's Day 2006, we are asking mothers and grandmothers from across the country to help us convince America's flagship automaker to lead us to a clean energy future. Please sign this letter and join us in making the world a better place for our families.

Listen to your

Transportation accounts for 70% of all oil consumption in the United States, and Ford Motor Company has had the worst fuel efficiency for the past five years. Ford Motors lagged behind the industry average on fuel efficiency every year for the past 30 years, and its entire fleet gets less gas mileage than the Model T 100 years ago!

Imagine you lived in a country where American carmakers led the world in efficiency and clean technology. Imagine a fleet of cars that would help to reduce childhood asthma rates and would lessen the likelihood of catastrophic oil spills. When our country breaks its oil addiction, we won't need to drill in the pristine wilderness of Alaska or the Amazon to fill up our gas tanks. We will have a foreign policy that supports democracy, transparency, and human rights everywhere. And, we won’t need to send our children to war to stand guard over oil wells half a world away.

We can do this, but we need to work together. Join us and write to Bill Ford, asking him to build clean cars now.

Listen to your

The future of our planet depends on our ability to quickly wean ourselves away from all fossil fuels. A child born today will witness the bleaching of 70% of our coral reefs, the disappearance of almost all North American glaciers, and an endangered species list that outnumbers the ones that are left. In the Amazon alone, up to 87% of all species would be committed to extinction due to climate change within the next forty-five years. Is this the future we choose to leave our children? Lend your voice and help make sure the world we leave our children is better than this.

Listen to your

Please send a letter to Bill Ford today, and pass this alert to other moms and grandmoms. Join us in telling Bill Ford:

  • As American citizens and mothers we deserve transportation that doesn’t threaten our national security.
  • As mothers we have the right to breathe clean air and enable our children to have healthy lives free from asthma and polluted resources.
  • As mothers we believe that our children and grandchildren shouldn’t have to solve a climate change problem that our generation's leaders refuse to accept.
  • As mothers we are concerned about America’s oil addiction and Ford’s lack of commitment to fuel efficiency and zero emissions vehicles.

Join concerned mothers everywhere in asking Ford to become the first automaker to commit to producing zero emissions vehicles and dramatically increase its fuel efficiency across the board. Let’s convince automakers to stop contributing to the problem and become a part of the solution. Come meet mothers from all over the world and post your own story and photo!

Listen to your

Thank you for taking action to help drive Ford to a cleaner, more efficient future. Share this with mothers you know and help connect them to this, a Mother’s Plea for the Planet!


Jodie Evans

Co-founder, CODEPINK
Boardmember, Rainforest Action Network

A Mother’s Plea for the Planet is sponsored by Rainforest Action Network, Global Exchange, Code Pink, and the Raging Grannies.


Deforestation alters regional climate in Brazil
Source: Top Story

Research has revealed links between deforestation in the Amazon basin and regional climate change. Satellite data shows that during last August's dry season, areas of logged forest had higher temperatures and more rainfall than areas of intact rainforest.

The findings contrast with earlier studies that predicted deforestation would lead to decreased rainfall. The researchers think that the effect is strongest during the transition from dry to wet seasons, when large-scale weather disturbances — which could overwhelm local conditions — are less common.

Away from the forest, the scientists observed large increases in cloud cover over the savannah region and the city of Porto Velho, Brazil. This pattern is probably due to the contrast in surface heating between deforested and savannah areas, they say.

Link to full Top Story news story

Rain Forest Action Network News




On February 12, Sister Dorothy Stang, a 73 year-old American nun who had lived for more than 30 years in the Amazon rainforest, was assassinated. Dorothy had dedicated nearly half of her life to giving a voice to rural communities working for land rights and sustainable development in the Amazon rainforests.

Because of her advocacy, she often received death threats from land-grabbers throughout the state of Para, an area plagued with violence resulting from ongoing land disputes and illegal logging.

Amidst international outcry over this tragedy, Brazil's President Lula da Silva recently ordered the creation of two massive new rainforest reserves totaling more than 9 million acres in the state of Para.

Click here to send a letter to the Sisters of Notre Dame Namur in Brazil acknowledging Sister Dorothy Stang's dedication and life's work advocating for sustainable development and protection of Brazil's tropical rainforests and their inhabitants.




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